Videos | March 22, 2011

DR Systems - Unity Provides Breast Centers With Integrated Solution

DR Systemsâ?? Unity Womenâ??s Health Imaging provides a comprehensive solution for breast centers, supporting faster, more accurate, cost-effective breast cancer detection.

As a single-system solution, Unity Womenâ??s Health Imaging integrates disparate patient information and exam data from multiple imaging and nonimaging data sources. This provides womenâ??s healthcare givers and referring physicians with the most complete view of the patientâ??s advancing health records.

The system is a complete workflow solution that includes:
Resource-based scheduling, patient registration and tracking, technologist image acquisition, diagnostic reading and clinical review, automated reporting, BiRADS, MQSA tracking and mailing, exam archive, Web distribution to referring physicians and electronic medical record (EMR), charge capture to a facilityâ??s billing system or service and facility-defined managerial reports.

The solution supports digital mammography, breast MRI, PET/CT and breast ultrasound.

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