Videos | March 22, 2011

Bard's Breast Biopsy Device

This handheld, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device with single insertion, multiple sample (SIMS) technology, is the Finesse Ultra Breast Biopsy System. Bard's new device is engineered to provide control over the patient experience, the sample quality, and the ultrasound procedure itself.

The biopsy device allows users to acquire multiple samples rapidly, sampling cycle time is just 10 seconds. As a result, it may take less time, there may be less trauma, and less anxiety for the patient .

Finesse allows the clinician to confirm probe placement throughout the procedure, resulting in more accurate probe placement. The ultra-sharp cutting tip and optional piercing mode enables users to penetrate dense breast tissue and lesions accurately without displacing the lesion. Plus, the larger, quality, contiguous samples mean reduce the number of samples needed for confident diagnosis.

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