Videos | March 22, 2011

Barco - Diagnostic Confidence with Ultra-Precise Imaging

Featuring intervention-free DICOM compliance, luminance uniformity and ambient light compensation, the Coronis Fusion family now includes the new 10 MP Coronis display, introduced at RSNA 2010. In addition to providing all the features of its predecessors, the 10 MP Coronis display system features new, proprietary â??SmoothGrayâ? technology for high-resolution grayscale images. It is well suited for a wide variety of studies where ultra-precise image quality is critical, such as chest, bone and breast images.

The 10 MP Coronis also incorporates advanced IPS WideView LCD technology, which renders grayscale images with superb brightness and contrast, truly dark blacks and perfect geometry, viewable from any angle. This advanced design offers radiologists the freedom to organize their 30-inch workspace the way they like: either as two seamless 5-megapixel displays or one widescreen 10-megapixel display.

For consistency and maximize display lifetime, the Coronis Fusion 10 MP incorporates a system of multiple backlight and temperature monitoring sensors. These sensors work seamlessly with the Ambient Light Compensation sensor and the patented I-Guard front sensor to optimize the display for the most stable and efficient performance.

The new Coronis Fusion 10 MP also works with the companyâ??s MediCal QAWeb quality assurance software. It is an online service that continuously and automatically calibrates, monitors and adjusts display parameters to maintain consistent image quality of high-grade picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) displays.

MediCal QAWeb enables centralized management of a multitude of display parameters, including luminance, DICOM calibration and ambient light settings. In addition, the system continuously monitors every medical display throughout the healthcare enterprise to maximize availability, automatically performing QA/QC tests without interrupting physiciansâ?? workflow.

With transparent, intervention-free QA, MediCal QAWeb centrally manages all calibration details via a remote network server, enabling fast issue identification and automated corrective actions and/or adjustments in accordance with customizable QA policy controls. It also facilitates asset management and budget controls from anywhere at any time, providing detailed reports of availability, usage, luminance, age and other parameters, as well as generates monthly activity reports and history reports for trend analysis.

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