Technology | November 30, 2011

Voyantlink Enables Hospitals, Surgeons To Move Beyond Image Sharing And Into Enhanced Decision-Making

November 30, 2011 – Brainlab announced the launch of VoyantLink, a cloud-based image sharing, viewing and enrichment platform for clinicians, hospitals and imaging centers at RSNA. VoyantLink is the first service/product of its kind to move beyond image sharing to an effective cloud-based workspace, where users are able to access their images in the cloud, as well as launch and employ clinical planning tools and push completed plans to any device or storage location. 

Users of VoyantLink can send, receive, share and save images, like with most online or cloud-based image sharing clinical networks, but VoyantLink takes these capabilities a step beyond image sharing and opens an entirely new arena, one in which image sharing is a means to the greater end of improved clinical decision-making.

Once the image is inside the VoyantLink cloud, a powerful set of clinical tools are available, including effective live collaboration, data enrichment and planning applications such as digital templating, mobile applications, workflow automation, dose review, dose planning and image fusion.

VoyantLink streamlines existing patient exam management processes and provides integration with the Brainlab portfolio of advanced treatment software for control of patient data throughout the treatment cycle. In addition to facilitating decision-making, data management and patient data control, cost savings are also a key benefit of the product.

 “VoyantLink can decrease the costs of transfer by eliminating CDs and other manual transfer methods, and eliminate the whole process of VPNs,” said Marc Mackey, general manager of Voyant Health. “But not only do facilities and physicians have access to effective image sharing with VoyantLink, they can also access multiple enrichment tools that liberate clinical decision making from a particular workstation, device, or location.” 

Brainlab acquired Voyant Health in June 2011 and has since been combining synergistic technologies and strengthening reach and distribution. By combining the capabilities of VoyantLink, Orthoweb and Quentry, Brainlab not only makes diagnostic images available anytime, anywhere and on any device, but also makes enriching, sharing and using that data for surgical treatment easier.

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