News | August 27, 2007

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Used to Identify Patients and Retrieve Crucial Medical Records

August 28, 2007 — Biometric technology research and development firm M2SYS Technology said it has partnered with Gnosis Medical Services to provide a biometric fingerprint solution for patient identification in developing countries.
"In many developing countries, there is no form of identification,” said Rogers Hellman, founder of Gnosis. “When an individual visits a doctor, there is no way to identify them or to find a record of their past medical history, and language barriers can create a problem in receiving effective medical treatment.”
He said M2SYS' Bio-Plugin fingerprint solution is easy to incorporate into the Gnosis’ portable Four Corners Medical System for a concrete method to identify patients and to retrieve their medical history with a scan of their fingerprint.
Bio-Plugin enables software companies to seamlessly integrate a complete fingerprint recognition system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint SDKs.
"Proper identification of patients in developing countries is critical in providing quality healthcare," said Michael Trader, president of M2SYS. "Without medical history records, there is no way for a doctor to know of patients' past illnesses or medical allergies, which hinders effective treatment. We are proud to partner with Gnosis for such an altruistic project, and are excited to continually provide innovative biometric solutions that will improve the quality of life for individuals throughout the world."
Gnosis Medical Services seeks to improve the quality of health care in developing areas of the world by enabling health care providers to better manage medical treatment. The Four Corners Medical System provides the software necessary to manage patient record-keeping in even the most remote locations. The software is state-of-the-art and specifically engineered for use in developing countries. Gnosis is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.
M2SYS Technology is an industry leader in fingerprint identity-management technology, fingerprint readers and software solutions for businesses and consumers. The company is based in Aliso Viejo, CA.

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