Bionix Integrates Medspira Breath Hold into Omni V SBRT Patient Positioning System


September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011 – Bionix Radiation Therapy announces the addition of Breath Hold, an interactive breath-hold control monitoring system from MedSpira, as an accessory to its Omni V Patient Positioning System. Developed by Mayo Clinic physicians, Breath Hold is a user-friendly system that enables patients to easily and consistently reproduce a breath-hold reference point consistent breathing pattern. This consistency is a significant benefit, ideal for stereotactic radiation therapy procedures involving the lungs and upper abdomen. 

Stereotactic radiation therapy delivers a high dose of radiation to patients in fewer fractions than conventional delivery methods. Patient indexing and monitoring is crucial to maximize adherence to the treatment plan. Breath Hold with Bionix’s Omni V stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) Patient Positioning System will allow radiation therapy facilities to provide a more accurate setup and treatment outcome for their patients. 

Breath Hold is an easy-to-use expandable bellows system that works by providing feedback to patients about their respiration. To use this system, a pressure-sensitive transducer tube is wrapped around the patient’s chest or belly. During the treatment, patients watch an LED monitor, which displays their breathing pattern through a series of lights. A reference point, typically either an inhale or exhale, is selected. After the point is chosen, the center light communicates to the patient their target reference point. Additional lights visually alert the patient when they are beyond their desired range.

The Breath Hold and Omni V SBRT Positioning System will be featured this year in Bionix Radiation Therapy’s Booth #1241 at ASTRO 2011. ASTRO 2011 is being held at Miami Beach Convention Center on October 2 -- October 4.

Breath Hold is also available as a stand-alone system for other radiation therapy applications. 

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